Improved Collaboration & Quality Control - An Opportunity to Digitize Progress

February 9, 2021
Improved Collaboration & Quality Control - An Opportunity to Digitize Progress

An Opportunity to Digitize Progress

After spending valuable time and resources virtually coordinating construction projects, how do project teams ensure all digital efforts are being installed as planned?

Columbia combines the digital and actual construction worlds seamlessly and efficiently via OpenSpace, allowing broader team participation for installation verification. Using this software along with 360-degree cameras, the entire construction process is digitized through a web-based viewer. 

The combination of weekly 360-degree photos synchronized with the 3D coordination model provides a quality control tool and remote access to the job site. Field walkthroughs can be accessed at any time by remote team members, increasing the opportunities for collaboration. As part of our QA/QC process, the split-screen viewer provides a side-by-side comparison between what was planned and what was installed.  

Key benefits of this quality assurance process include:

  • Project installation images are acquired weekly to ensure concealed systems such as piping and blocking are documented before walls are enclosed. 
  • Quick confirmation that MEP/FP systems are being installed accurately by comparing 360-degree photos and the 3D coordination model on a split-screen. 
  • Field and remote staff can review and annotate images calling out deficiencies or items of interest requiring attention, allowing them to be resolved quickly.   
  • Thorough documentation of as-built information for facility managers to access after turnover, allowing quick reference for tasks such as locating piping in walls