Logistics Savings - An Opportunity to Reduce Disruption

September 24, 2020
Logistics Savings - An Opportunity to Reduce Disruption

An Opportunity to Reduce Disruption

As building infrastructure and laboratory equipment age and begin to fail, facility owners and their tenants must replace oversized pieces of equipment required for daily operations. These pieces of equipment are often centrally located in a building and can only be accessed through tight corridors and narrow doorways. Facility owners and their tenants must overcome the monumental task of moving the often large, cumbersome, heavy equipment through a maze of different spaces while still maintaining daily operations.

Logistics Planning

Anticipating this challenging logistical task, Columbia used LiDAR scanning to create a 3D model of the anticipated pathway to install a new Autoclave for an esteemed life sciences company.  
Through the use of the 3D model, Columbia provided the client with the following key benefits:

  • Accurately measured all existing elements impeding the path of the Autoclave including doorway trim, sprinkler heads, and signage without having to spend the time hand measuring each element 
  • Collaboratively planned multiple travel pathways to determine the optimal route for the Autoclave to minimize disruption of finished spaces
  • Created a digital walk-through of the Autoclave pathway to examine all issues
  • Proactively identified existing elements along the route to be removed and replaced instead of being demolished or damaged
  • Provided an accurate budget for the work based on the optimal route, which eliminated unexpected costs