Lahey Medical Center Ambient MRI

  • Owner:
    Lahey Hospital & Health Center
  • Architect:
    JACA Architects
  • Scope:
    New Ambient MRI Suite
  • Location:
    Peabody, MA

The new Ambient MRI suite at Lahey Medical Center, Peabody provides the most calming patient environment available for MRI scans and high-quality results for physicians. Ambient MRI has been proven to decrease anxiety and increase patient well-being by enabling patients to choose their own music, colored lighting, and projected wall images and transform the suite into a comfortable and relaxing environment. In addition, the MRI has a wide and open design to further ease anxiety.

Columbia collaborated with Lahey Medical Center, the architect, and engineering team to fully integrate this new MRI suite into an existing building. The project was carefully sequenced to minimize any disruption to ongoing operations.