Northeastern University - Ryder Hall

  • Owner:
    Northeastern University
  • Architect:
    Bergmeyer Associates | Studio Enee
  • Scope:
    Various Renovations
  • Location:
    Boston, MA

Columbia has implemented several fast-track projects at Ryder Hall, used by the Arts, Media and Design departments. Housing a variety of classrooms, performance facilities, laboratories, and makerspace studios, the building is one of the most active on campus. 

One undertaking at Ryder Hall included the modernization of the main entry. A new folded and painted steel canopy extends from the outside in, marked with new signage to help guide the students into the building.

Other work included replacing some partition doors and glazing to increase building occupancy and ease of egress throughout the building. The fire alarm and building MEP systems were also updated.
Later work focused on the Center for Design, renovating the Ryder 180 Suite. Totaling over 2,000 square feet, work involved dividing a number of classrooms and studios into two, installing movable wall systems, and completing an aesthetic refresh.

These projects were executed under Northeastern’s Small Capital Projects Agreement.