Bill Aalerud

Proud Father | Avid Skier/Cyclist | Foodie

"The people at Columbia and our customers excite me about my job and why I come to work every day with boatloads of enthusiasm and a big smile."

Bill Aalerud

Executive Vice President

Joined Columbia in 2011   

In 2011, Bill joined Columbia as a Project Executive after nearly 20 years’ experience of various roles at AJ Martini which exposed him to all facets of a construction management firm. Currently, as an Executive Vice President Bill finds himself wearing many hats which keeps every day exciting and different. His hats vary day to day and include strategic planning, business development, human resources, training, Lean practices, project executive, principal-in-charge, and acting as a liaison to AGC Mass as member of the board of directors. For Bill, leading the transformation of Columbia’s approach to business development and marketing by utilizing lean practices in the development of our strategic planning is one of the most rewarding parts of his job. Known for his open, genuine, and optimistic attitude, it is hard to pass Bill in the halls and not be effected by his contagious and ever-present smile.

Bill is passionate about his health and his daughters. Being a cancer survivor, he knows that without his health, he cannot be the fun-loving parent his girls appreciate. Outside of the office, Bill can be found enjoying two of his favorite pastimes, skiing and bike riding. In the winter, he spends most weekends at Cannon Mountain. In the warmer months, Bill is training to ride in the Pan Mass Challenge. For more than a decade, Bill has been riding with Team FLAMES (Fast Legs And Minds Ending Suffering) raising funds for Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI).  His team is based out of the DFCI and is grown to nearly 70 members including oncology docs and nurses from DFCI as well as 20 cancer survivors.  The team has raised close to $4 million for DFCI during its existence.