Manet Community Health Center

  • Owner:
    Manet Community Health Center
  • Architect:
    DiGiorgio Associates
  • Scope:
    Health Center Expansion
  • Location:
    Quincy, MA

In an effort to add new programs and increase access to care for an additional 5,000 patients a year, Manet added more than 21,000 square feet of their existing health center.

Work included phased renovations to 3-levels of the health center. Areas were reconfigured to house a centralized registration area, 25 additional exams rooms, counseling areas, vision center, pharmacy, and an entire floor dedicated to medical offices.

The new addition was designed with an open concept, with many of the exam rooms situated along the perimeter of the building to maximize natural light. The entire facade received a new skin, and a large canopy was installed to provide cover over for the patient drop-off and waiting area.