Partners HealthCare Community Physician Organization

  • Owner:
    Partners HealthCare
  • Architect:
    Isgenuity LLC
  • Scope:
    Physician Office Renovation
  • Location:
    Medford, MA

A first floor remodel of a newly constructed building for a primary care office for Partners HealthCare Community Physician Organization located in Medford, MA. The project consisted of building out 8,500 square feet of space within this fully occupied office complex. Enclosed exam rooms were constructed, and partitioned/cubicle offices were built within the interior space. The space also features a clinician library and a team workstation area. Existing HVAC roof top equipment was utilized and VAV systems were added for improved quality and control of the environment. The balance of the utilities were modified to meet Partners' standards.

The construction required coordination with several owner vendors and the building management to meet building requirements. Construction was done without disrupting operations of the second floor daycare.