Jim Nagle

Proud Father | Beach Sports Enthusiast | Avid Reader

"I have been a Project Superintendent now for 30 years, having worked for a number of firms, but none of those companies can compare to the professionalism, dedication and quality driven ethics that I have witnessed at Columbia. All of those fine traits begin right at the top, and it shows."

Jim Nagle

Senior Superintendent

Joined Columbia in 2008   

Jim has been an integral member of Columbia’s Interiors Division for nearly ten years now, bringing his thorough knowledge base of construction to each project he is on. As a Senior Superintendent, he works collaboratively with the project team each and every day of construction until the space is successfully completed. Jim works primarily within the two towers of International Place in Boston, where he has created great relationships with both the building management group as well as his Columbia team. In one year, Jim and his team worked on and completed 44 different projects within International Place! Known for his work ethic and professionalism, Jim enjoys tackling difficult challenges that arise throughout a project head on. He prioritizes finishing each job with a very satisfied client and enjoys coming to work every day with that goal in mind.

When Jim is not on the jobsite, you can find him near the ocean. Having grown up on Cape Cod, he now lives in Newburyport and could not imagine living away from the beach. Lucky for him, all three of his children live within two hours of Newburyport, so he can easily see them on a regular basis. Jim enjoys a variety of water based activities including boating, fishing, diving and surfing. He even surfs in the winter! On land, Jim enjoys playing golf and would love to be a scratch golfer again one day. He also hopes to travel to Italy and Ireland.