Matt Johnson

Family Man | Out of the Box Thinker | Results Orientated

"It's really great to work in a family owned business with such a long history. We have an incredible team filled with knowledgeable, talented and committed people who truly enjoy the daily challenges of our trade."

Matt Johnson

Director of Hospitality

Joined Columbia in 1996   

Matt has developed a strong skill set over the last 30 years while working in a wide variety of disciplines within the construction industry. He spent his earlier years working in the field, first as an iron worker and then later as a general contractor and cabinet maker. Today, in his role as Director of Hospitality, Matt believes in a hands-on, figure-it-out mentality to effectively manage all aspects of his work. Recognized for his construction knowledge, patience, communication skills, and follow-through, Matt’s proactive management style is very effective. He excels in working through design details, value engineering, and in finding creative ways to solve challenges. Matt has worked at some of the finest hotels, vintage buildings and schools in Boston. Many of his projects have been fast-track renovations, and often take place in occupied facilities, requiring minimal disruption, and while maintaining maximum occupancy rates. Matt’s love and enthusiasm for his job and the great pride he takes in working through challenges in a team environment is evident by his repeat clients and successful body of work.

Matt is a true family man and a great neighbor. On the weekends, you can find him spending time with his wife and their two grown children. Always up for a long road trip, a camping trip, chasing a deal for old cars on Craigslist, or just playing with his tractor and other tools in his yard. Matt follows a motto that he also practices at work, "focus on what can be done, instead of wasting time telling me why we can't do it."