Shawn Gallant

Family Man | Hockey Enthusiast | Homebody

"I travel a total of 100 miles each day to work at Columbia because I truly love being part of the team. It is rewarding to work for a company that provides the daily challenges and opportunities to keep you focused and driven, all while having fun at a place where you feel more like a family member than an employee!"

Shawn Gallant

Chief Operating Officer

Joined Columbia in 2001   

Shawn has worked in a variety of roles at Columbia since joining the company in 2001, when he was hired as a project manager. He later served as a leader on the Science + Technology team and as Vice President of the Interiors Group before assuming a company-wide Senior Vice President role with a focus on Operations. In his current role as Chief Operating Officer, he provides a consistent and best-in-class experience internally and externally for all of our clients. Known for his sense of humor and competitive drive, Shawn is a perfect example of the 'work hard, but have fun' atmosphere at Columbia.

When not spending time with his family, Shawn’s free time is focused on all things hockey. Between playing in men’s leagues, coaching his son’s team and following the Bruins, it’s a lifestyle! It’s no surprise that his dream career as a kid was to play for the NHL, or that his motto is ‘second place is the first loser’ (we weren’t kidding earlier about the competitive drive). However, it may be a surprise to many that although he appears to be a very outgoing person, he is actually an introvert and homebody. He credits all of his time playing sports to his understanding of the worth of a cohesive team; that each member is an important part of any success.