Josh Dretchen promoted to Director of Energy

June 7, 2024
Josh Dretchen promoted to Director of Energy

Columbia announces that Josh Dretchen has been appointed Director of Energy. With nearly two decades of experience in the construction industry, Dretchen most recently served as Columbia’s Renewable Energy Manager.


Josh has been remarkably effective in introducing clients to renewable energy options and helping to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions,” says Dave Stodden, Executive Vice President of Columbia. “His knowledge of renewable energy technologies, ability to navigate the regulatory process, and attention to our clients’ budgetary concerns make him exceptionally well-positioned to achieve their needs.


Dretchen joined Columbia in 2013 and has been a member of the firm’s Energy Division team for several years.


I am excited and honored to serve as Columbia’s Director of Energy,” says Dretchen. “I look forward to working with our best-in-class clients to identify and achieve their goals and to continue developing and deploying renewable energy technologies. Coupled with broader building electrification and decarbonization strategies, I can strengthen their businesses and prepare them for an energy efficient and resilient future."