Spotlight On... Steve Leoncini: Celebrating 10 Years at Columbia

October 1, 2021
Spotlight On... Steve Leoncini: Celebrating 10 Years at Columbia

This month we celebrate the anniversary of Steve Leoncini, who has been with Columbia for ten years. 

Growing up, Steve was always busy and loved building things. At the age of seven, he proudly built his own fort and treehouse. While in college, Steve found his first job in construction, working as part of a framing crew building houses. Now 30 years later, Steve has been the lead superintendent on numerous ground-up and renovation projects, most recently completing one of Columbia’s signature projects for Boston MedFlight.

What have you liked most about working at Columbia? 
The solid and dependable people.

What lesson did you learn early-on in your career that you still carry with you today?
You only get out of it what you put into it.

Career highlight? Or most cherished memory while working at Columbia?
Several in fact: working with Mike Chadwick, a former Project Manager at Columbia, on projects for Newton-Wellesley Hospital and Charles River Community Health; working with fellow Columbia co-workers Tyler Abreau and Ted Sirakian on Boston MedFlight’s new headquarters; and during the pandemic, working with Scott Hale, Project Manager, and Sam Dettore, Director/Project Executive, on the Callaway Golf warehouse expansion project.

How would your colleagues/clients describe you?
Old School | Intense | Always Moving Forward

Three descriptors that best describe you?
Registered in the State of Massachusetts (several times) as, “Mr. Fun!” 

Special talent or most useful skill?
Learning from mistakes and observations.

Favorite summer or winter activity?
I love New England and all its Seasons.

Favorite vacation spot?
Sitting on a Harley Davidson – anywhere!

Outside the office you will likely find me…
Walking, jogging, at the gym, or on a bicycle or motorcycle - living life as a participant, not a spectator!

For those of you who know Steve, he is definitely “old school and intense,” and those qualities and his can-do attitude make him valued by so many. He is also known for having the most immaculate and organized jobsite trailer in the industry! His diligence and willingness to do anything or go above and beyond are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Steve, for everything you do – happy anniversary!