404 Wyman Street

  • Owner:
    Hobbs Brook Real Estate
  • Scope:
    New PV Solar Array System
  • Location:
    Waltham, MA

Columbia developed a renewable energy plan for the Hobbs Brook Real Estate property at 404 Wyman Street. Based on studies to determine the best possible means of installing a PV solar electric system on the site, it was determined that the two existing parking structures on the site were the most efficient and effective locations. 

Columbia’s energy plan called for the installation of long-span galvanized structural steel canopies on the top level of the existing North & South parking garage structures. The new steel framing supports the new PV solar electrical system, and will generate over 815,000kWh’s of electrical power for use in the existing building.

The sloped steel and PV solar system elegantly crowns the existing parking garage, creating a highly visible commitment to sustainability. It is expected that maintenance costs will be dramatically reduced by this new covered parking area.