Hobbs Brook Real Estate 81 Wyman Street

  • Owner:
    Cambridge Savings Bank
  • Architect:
    Vision 3 Architects
  • Scope:
    Core & Shell
  • Location:
    Waltham, MA

Hobbs Brook Real Estate’s property at 81 Wyman Street in Waltham was taken down to the steel and rebuilt with a new curtainwall, core, and eventually fit-out for Cambridge Savings Bank. 

This three-story Class A office building with glass entries features offices, training and conference facilities, cafe / dining with kitchen, gym, as well as surface parking for approximately 280 cars. Interior spaces are optimized with LED lighting, open floor plates, and floor-to-ceiling windows with abundant natural lighting and elegant glass entries. 

A 682kW PV solar carport was also installed over the existing parking lot which is expected to generate enough electrical power to offset a substantial portion of the demand in the office building. 

LEED Level
  •   Platinum