Martha's Vineyard Hospital Primary Care Clinic

  • Owner:
    Martha's Vineyard Hospital/ Partners HealthCare
  • Architect:
    Harley Ellis Devereaux
  • Scope:
    New Primary Care Space
  • Location:
    Oak Bluffs, MA

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital transformed existing offices into a new 7,000 square foot primary care clinic. The result is a clinic with a roomier and more inviting reception and waiting area, that also provides added privacy for patients. A variety of medical offices, collaborative office spaces, exam rooms, and doctor and nursing workstations were also added. The modern configuration allows doctors, nurses, and assistants to work alongside each other to deliver more efficient care. Special attention was given to the window design and placement to increase natural lighting. The new staff lounge offers a welcoming place for employees.

Parking and pedestrian walkways in front of the clinic were also improved to provide direct access to the clinic and create shorter pathways. The new facility improves access to noncritical healthcare located directly on the hospital campus.