The Garage at Microsoft

  • Owner:
    JLL (OPM)
  • Architect:
  • Scope:
    Maker Space
  • Location:
    Cambridge, MA

As part of the extensive renovation to Microsoft’s Kendall Square office, Columbia built a unique maker space called “The Garage”. The 15,000 sf enclosed area is dedicated entirely to creativity, learning, and collaboration between employees. Open 24/7, it is a place where any employee can access resources to bring their ideas into reality in a supportive, low-stakes environment. The Garage provides employees with opportunities to create, meet people from other departments, and learn new skills.

Located on the second floor of Microsoft’s New England Research & Development (N.E.R.D.) Center in Cambridge, The Garage is made up of five different areas.

  •   The Hub: A large space utilized for workshops, hackathons and events.
  •   Maker Space: Contains four 3-D printers, among other design tools.
  •   Advanced Maker Space: Houses more complex equipment including a t-shirt press and laser cutter. Employees are required to complete online and in-person training to access this space.
  •   Virtual Reality Room: Contains a variety of VR eqiupment, including green screens.
  •   The Intern Space: Home to 46 student interns for Microsoft.