Via Separations

  • Owner:
    Via Separations
  • Architect:
    Ebbrell Architecture + Design
  • OPM:
    Leggat McCall Properties
  • Scope:
    5,000 Square Foot Headquarters

Utilizing a design build approach, Columbia worked closely with Via Separations, a start-up focused on molecular filtration for industrial separation processes, to complete a state-of-the-art headquarters. 

Upgrading the infrastructure for the 1940’s facility was key to the project’s success. Due to schedule and budget constraints, the team worked to identify cost-saving opportunities while maintaining the overall design concept and ensure efficiencies of operations. 

The high-quality, high-functioning lab space contains a wet lab with eight fume hoods (six benchtops and two walk-ins) and prototyping space for research. A new 480v electrical system and gas service lines, and a rooftop HVAC unit was installed to accommodate the wet lab. The facility also houses a QC/QA lab, waste room, receiving and storage area, offices, workstations, meeting rooms, and conferencing space.