Erik Gronneberg

Outdoor Enthusiast | Inquisitive | Builder

"Columbia is committed to my own personal career development and wellbeing. They are supportive and willing to assist me in reaching my career goals."

Erik Gronneberg

Reality Capture Manager

Joined Columbia in 2019

Since joining Columbia in 2018, Erik has pushed the envelope on Columbia’s use of technology and its project benefits.  Known as a team player, Erik manages and performs drone captures for our projects, documenting projects utilizing our in-house LiDAR scanner, and setting up and facilitating OpenSpace. With a degree in Industrial and Interaction Design from Syracuse University and more than five years of industry experience, Erik captures and documents project sites and provides staff with valuable information to help plan and execute projects. 

Erik is an avid adventurer who keeps very busy outside of the office with is favorite pastimes including, snowboarding, surfing, hiking, camping, mountain biking and kayaking. As a former project manager for an obstacle course racing company, Erik oversaw the designing and testing of all new obstacles. He hopes to use those skills to someday climb and snowboard down Mt. Katahtdin in Maine.