James Christie

Husband | Father |Brewing Enthusiast

"At Columbia I am given the best opportunities with some of the greatest clients and architects in the area. Internally, I get to work with some of the friendliest co-workers I've ever had, which leads to an overall great work environment that I am excited to be a part of."

James Christie

Preconstruction Manager

Joined Columbia in 2012   

James has been providing estimating services with Columbia since 2012, and has since grown into an integral member of the Interiors Division’s preconstruction team. The opportunity to problem solve is his favorite aspect of his role - whether it be working through a design issue or a budget challenge, he adeptly analyzes the situation and collaborates with the team to reach a solution. His hard work has led to several opportunities with valuable clients, notably numerous projects with MIT.     

Besides his team oriented attitude and friendliness towards his co-workers, James brings another important asset to the office – his dog Finn! Finn has been known to make the occasional visit to the office, and makes everyone’s day when he does. When not at the office, James likes to bring Finn for walks at local parks and reservations, fishing, and spending time with friends and family. He also brews his own beer right at home – his most successful brew so far was a watermelon wheat beer.