Katy Tassmer

Hockey Mom | Sunworshipper | Chai Connoisseur

"A huge draw of any job is the people and the work. Columbia attracts and inspires talented, committed people who are highly collaborative."

Katy Tassmer

Managing Director of Marketing

Joined Columbia in 2017   

As the Managing Director of Marketing at Columbia, Katy is a big picture leader and a well-organized manager who consistently delivers results while maintaining exceptional collaboration and creativity. Marketing by nature is unpredictable and for Katy that’s what keeps her nearly 30 year marketing and communications career challenging, engaging, and rewarding. Katy has a powerful combination of marketing expertise, communications, and graphic design skills that affords her the unique ability to communicate clearly with creative, technical and administrative staff to achieve corporate goals. Frequently described by her peers as responsive, reasonable, and flexible, Katy enjoys leading teams of various sizes and helping them to capitalize on their strengths for the growth and development of the team as a whole, as well as the individual team members.

Outside of the office, Katy finds herself endlessly entertained and always on the go with her two energetic boys. Aligning her passion for design and art with her career, Katy has found a perfect fit in the construction industry for her skills and her personal interests.