Bob Erdmann

Personable | Honest | Strives for the Best

"My Columbia co-workers are a cooperative, considerate, hardworking team that is more like a family."

Bob Erdmann


Joined Columbia in 2011   

As a Superintendent within Columbia’s Interiors Division, Bob’s role is handling the day to day management of projects in the field during the construction phase. He skillfully navigates subcontractor coordination, understanding and adhering to plans and specifications, scheduling, and ensuring that safety protocols are followed. Known for always having a smile on his face and a positive attitude, Bob’s top priority on each project is to understand the client’s needs and do everything in his power to meet them. His favorite aspect of his job is the satisfaction of building something from nothing, or renovating an existing space into a new and functional work place. The Sonos project was a particular highlight for Bob, it was a large scale project with a variety of special features including a secret revolving bookcase door and a two story living wall!

When not on the jobsite, Bob is exploring! He likes to seek out exciting places by traveling or even just cruising down back roads and seeing where they lead. Bob spends his winters skiing and his summers at the beach – he would one day love to ski in the Swiss Alps and body surf in the ocean off the islands of the South Pacific. A dedicated fan of all Boston sports, Bob’s own athletic skills are displayed when he beats his coworkers at darts. Above all, he appreciates spending time with his wife, sons, and daughters in law as well as his friends.