Josh Dretchen, LEED AP

Proud Father | Culinary Enthusiast | Reliable

"At Columbia, I am surrounded by people that truly care about their clients, their work, and the end results we deliver. Each day presents new challenges that we need to collectively overcome to deliver on our promises, but working through them as a team is what makes us great."

Josh Dretchen, LEED AP

Renewable Energy Manager

Joined Columbia in 2013   

As Columbia’s Renewable Energy Manager, Josh collaborates with clients, owners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors to reach energy efficiency goals. He strives to keep all parties informed, happy, and moving in a positive direction while making sure the project is completed on time and on budget. Josh’s favorite aspect of his role at Columbia is working with clients to help them visualize how they can reduce their energy costs, all while helping to contribute to ambitious climate goals. In the office he is focused, helpful, and (most importantly) always lets coworkers know when there is free food in the kitchen! Josh has bragging rights as PM on the project that earned the first ever Sam Lilly Award, a highly coveted internal prize. The project was successfully completed in under six weeks at a pace he calls ‘a highly coordinated sprint’.

According to Josh’s fifth grade yearbook, he wanted to be an Architectural Engineer when he grew up, based on his affinity for Legos. While not exactly accurate, he got much closer than most people’s childhood predictions! Josh enjoys traveling, exploring and learning about different food and wine, and taking what he learns home with him to give it his best shot in the kitchen. His attitude towards both food and life in general is ‘try everything at least twice’. Josh can also do a full side split – bet you didn’t see that coming. Well, neither did we, but we now have video evidence that it’s true!