Bill Carpenter

Outdoorsman | Maple Sugarer | Proud Father

At Columbia I am given the opportunity and tools needed to make every person we interact with a raving fan of the organization!"

Bill Carpenter

Vice President | Preconstruction & Estimating

Joined Columbia in 2005   

As Vice President of Preconstruction & Estimating, Bill’s goal is to get the project team the best possible project, with the highest level of finish, for the best value, that can be delivered within any cost and schedule constraints that the client may have. Throughout his 18 years with Columbia, Bill has continually searched for and implemented improvements geared toward creating high-performing teams and exceptional client experiences. His drive to continuously improve, develop meaningful internal and external relationships, and push for collaboration have made him a natural leader within this group and in the company. As far as Bill is concerned, the most rewarding part of his job is being involved early on in the project lifecycle, identifying potential problems, and working collaboratively to reach a solution before the first hammer is swung.

A New Hampshire resident, Bill is in his element when outside in nature. With hobbies like camping with his family, upland bird hunting, fishing and maple sugaring, he is a true outdoorsman. Bill’s hard work and dedication can be attributed to a quote from his grandfather that he lives by, “it doesn’t matter what you decide to do in life, but at the end of the day just be the best damn person doing it!”