Meghan Turno

Loyal | Video Documenter | List Maker

"At Columbia I am encouraged to be myself, share my ideas and grow. It is clear that everyone is a valued part of the team, and that work can be fun!"

Meghan Turno

Marketing Manager

Joined Columbia in 2013   

As a part of Columbia’s Marketing Team, Meghan enjoys the opportunity to exercise her creativity and collaborate on new ideas. In her current role, she spearheads the group efforts on Interiors RFP responses and pulls together materials for teams to take to project interviews. Meghan’s favorite aspect of her job is getting to come to work in a fun atmosphere and be surrounded by a great community of coworkers. She appreciates the opportunity to highlight the people, projects, events and goings-on at Columbia by organizing social media efforts. 

Outside of the office, Meghan enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She likes to be outside…. mostly in the summer (not a fan of cold weather!) Meghan likes a lot of things about summertime, including going to the beach, swimming, and ice cream. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she loves to go to Fenway Park for Red Sox games and may never get over the Nomar trade in 2004. One item Meghan has been able to check off her bucket list since working at Columbia is to be in a cheesy theme song parody – check out the Crimson Hexagon Sam Lilly Award video!