Matt Arsenault

Father | Builder | Musician

"I've been fortunate enough to work for Columbia Construction for many years. For that entire time, I've been focused on going "above and beyond" to ensure that our clients have an easy decision on who should build their next space. The happiness of my client is my #1 priority on every single project."

Matt Arsenault

Director of Interiors

Joined Columbia in 2008   

As Director of Interiors at Columbia, Matt leads the operations of the Department to ensure projects run efficiently and effectively and are properly staffed. Matt has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry. With a focus on client satisfaction and continuous improvement, he provides leadership for the Interiors group and has been a critical part of achieving a portfolio that includes spaces in more than 150 buildings throughout Greater Boston. Matt’s colleagues are quick to describe him as forward-thinking, hard-working, and trustworthy, so it comes as no surprise that making clients happy is his number one priority.  For Matt, figuring out how a space will look and function, while adhering to a project’s budget, is the most rewarding part of his work. A career highlight for Matt was being a part of the team that installed a life-size fiberglass hippopotamus in the lobby of the new headquarters for Potamus Trading. Matt’s colleagues are quick to describe him as hardworking, reliable, and accurate, so it comes as no surprise that making clients happy is Matt’s number one job priority.

Out of the office Matt likes to spend time with his wife enjoying his own home-brew on tap, which is conveniently located in his kitchen. Prior to his career in construction, Matt had serious aspirations to be a drummer in a rock n’ roll band. Fortunately for Columbia, he has come a long way from his sixth grade class where he was voted most likely to become a basketball mascot.